Amanda Thomas is a beautiful, creative, loving ball of inspiration. Deeply devoted to her craft. Creating everyday and seeking more ways to grow and gather more tools to play with. Her passion has no bounds.

Amanda's art takes many forms, Idifferent mediums. Oils, watercolor, acrylic and charcoal. Mixing the mediums together. Practicing and alchemizing new ways to play and explore on whatever feels inspiring. 

Inspiration comes by dreams, personal experience/growth, spirituality, philosophy and nature. Combining all of them into surrealistic art. Some pieces are first intuitively inspired and then intrigued upon deep research and study over its symbolism. While others are inspired the profound beauty of nature. Practicing the right balance of flow, color and realism. Desiring to create an emotional experience that touches the heart, mind and soul of the viewers. 

"I desire to spark beauty, love and awareness through my art. believe creativity is so important, I hope to inspire and empower people to realize that they are the co-creators of their world."  

Through Amanda's craft and way of living, she is practicing the embodiment of "Heaven on Earth".